Dense Packing Technique of Hair Transplant

If you are dealing with hair fall recently that has left you with negligible yet noticeable hair loss, then dense packing treatment could be the perfect option for you. It is basically a hair volume thickening treatment which can fetch very high density of hair to reduce the chances of baldness.

It has been observed that in the case of most men, they typically have around 90 to 120 grafts for each square centimeter. And the achievable hair density can be determined with the help of an electronic microscope at the time of consultation. The density of the hair after dense packing depends on the color of the hair, diameter of hair shaft,skin color and hair style, i.e., whether you have curly, wavy or straight hair. When you go for hair transplant in Punjab, the doctors would recommend having higher density at the front area of the scalp since it attracts vision and requires good coverage.

What is Dense Packing for Hair?

Dense packing technique is a treatment using a larger number of follicular grafts or units than usual hair transplants. It is important to understand what is meant by normal density of hair and the percentage required to possess an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Hair density is typically measured as per the number of follicular units for every square centimeter of scalp. But it is worthy of mentioning here that the percentage rate varies to a great extent within the population and differing ethnicity.

When a high number of grafts are used, it leads to an increase in the density of the hair. Though it is not suitable for everyone, but a number of patients find it very effective considering their needs. People with dark complexion and thin or light-colored hair are mostly benefited from this hair transplant in Punjab.

Are you a good candidate for the treatment?

It is not possible to determine whether dense packing technique is suitable for you on your own. You will have to schedule a consultation with an expert who can diagnose your case for developing an individualized treatment plan. Even if you don’t have an ideal condition for dense packing, the experts can discuss other options of hair transplant in Punjab which can aid in achieving your hair restoration goals.

The doctor will examine the area to closely check the pores and the hair bearing skin. There is strong evidence that the stem cells which are transplanted never die but they become dormant. For the best results and reduced complications after the surgery, the doctors use specific instruments which accurately fit the graft size at the time of extraction and placement. Following that, incisions are made for fitting the size of the grafts which is added at certain angles. It is possible to get desired density in a single session without causing any swelling. But you should exercise caution and follow the advise of your doctor closely to mitigate chances of any complications.

Thus, if you have adequate density in the donor regions of the scalp, then dense packing treatment for your hair can be the right option you have been searching for.

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Things to Consider Before Choosing Hair Transplant Surgeon

Hair loss is a problem that almost all of us have to deal with at some point or the other. But considering hair transplant is quite a big decision since you have to factor in a lot of thoughts. There are certain aspects which you would like to know beforehand so that you can take an informed decision and choose the option that best suits you.

Choosing the right surgeon

It is important to understand that a hair transplant surgery is a collaborative procedure. And choosing the doctor is perhaps the most important decision you will have to take. It is not only the doctor who is essential but also his companions who will guide you through the process.

Qualification and experience of your surgeon

Check whether your doctor has the required qualifications and expertise along with years of experience to choose what’s best for you. It is good to have the hair transplant in Punjab done by a surgeon with M.S., M.Ch, Plastic surgery degree. Make sure that the clinic has all sorts of latest equipment for conducting the process. It is definitely beneficial to go for a clinic where the surgery is performed by the doctor himself and his team. You should take a look at their past work and read the reviews of their clients extensively before you determine that they could give you exactly what you are yearning for.

Consulting in person

Any reputable and experienced doctor would insist on having a face to face consultation with the prospective patient before actually fixing a date for the hair transplant. While consulting with you, he will be discussing about what you can expect from the surgery and the probable hair coverage. He will take a photograph of your scalp before the surgery so that you can refer to it later on to see how your appearance has improved. Your surgeon will also show you before and after pictures of clients he has transplanted hair on. It is important to consult with your surgeon himself rather than his associates so that you can have peace of mind that your hair transplant in Punjab is done by expert’s hand.

Post-operative care

It is worthy of mention here that it might take around 8 to 12 months to see the full benefits of the hair transplant in Punjab. Thus,there is no reason to be tensed or feel that the treatment is not effective.When you are willing to undergo hair transplant in Punjab, make sure that the clinic you have selected offers post-operative care so that you can steer clear of all kinds of complications and unwanted problems. Any reputed surgeon would definitely have loads of testimonials on their web page. You can go through them as it would give you an idea about the quality of services offered by the clinic and help you make an informed decision. With all these tips, you will be able to make an informed decision regarding the hair transplant surgery and enjoy your long lost confidence.

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We follow FUE technique in hair transplant that is most advanced, stitch less, minimal scar and almost painless. The results are permanent and natural. Our doctor is expert and experienced to give natural and best possible results with our technique of Dense Packing in front. (Implanting hair follicles very close together using small instruments and under high magnification). To know how many grafts are required, please see the graft calculator at our website.

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